Tewit Youth Band

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Charity No: 514676

Martin Hall - Musical Director of the Senior Band

Gold Award Winners - Nationals 2016 - 3rd place

Gold Award Winners - Nationals 2014 - 3rd place

Area Youth Champions - Saddleworth Whit Marches 2013

The Senior section of the Tewit Youth Band is made up of 38 young people between the ages of 11 and 18 who undertake the majority of the engagements and activities that the Tewit organisation partakes in. Entry is open to anyone who is equal to grade 5 or over and is willing to rehearse once a week with around 30 engagements a year. Auditions for all bands are held once a year.

The Senior Band has performed in the Royal Festival Hall, London, Symphony Hall, Birmingham and has toured Europe on a number of occasions, including Prague in 2008, Germany in 2012 and 2014, and Luchon, France in 2012 and 2016. The Senior Band are currently the holders and winners of the Wharfedale trophy, the Harrogate Competitive festival entertainment class and regular qualifiers for the Music for Youth Championships.

You can recognise the Senior Band by their bright Red blazers at many engagements far and wide, including parades in and out of Harrogate, the Whit Friday marches, the Harrogate International Youth Music festival and in concert on their own or with other top brass bands.

Members 2019-2020


Due to current numbers. the band for the foreseeable future will be auditioning on a 'vacancy only' basis. To enquire about current vacancies, please contact the chairperson Simon Thomson.

Principal Cornet Dan 
Soprano Cornet Ben
Solo Cornets Joe , Archie, Joe, Rhianne 
Repiano Cornet Ben, Jamie
2nd Cornet Catherine, James, Peter
3rd Cornet Ollie, Euan, Imogen
Flugelhorn Elliott
Principal Horn Gabriel 
Solo Horn George 
1st Horn Sam 
2nd Horn Matty
Principal Euphonium Andrew 
1st Euphonium Alex 
2nd Euphonium Hattie 
1st Baritone Harry
2nd Baritone Katie
Principal Trombone Emilia
2nd Trombone Lewis, Jack 
Bass Trombone Sam 
Eb Bass Jack, Guy, Ben
Bb Bass Emilia, Billy, Hattie
Percussion Henry, Ollie, Thomas